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Episode 36 - Feminisms in Action: Sarah Kaddoura [eng]

In this very first English episode we are talking about the feminist journey of Sarah Kaddoura. She is a feminist organizer and activist and – very important – the founder of YouTube channel Haki Nasawi, which means feminist talk in Arabic. Sarah taught me a lot about her growing up in a conservative, mostly Muslim area in Lebanon and being a Palestinian refugee in the third generation. We talked about wearing the hijab and the struggle of taking it off after some years, about the relationship to her single mother and of course about her feminist uprising and the reactions to her YouTube channel.

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Sarah Kaddouras channel "Haki Nasawi" (feminist talk in Arabic)




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Haki Nasawi: Islamic Feminism [on Youtube]

Fatema Mernissis work around Islamic Feminism


Fatema Mernissi: The forgotten Queens of Islam [on buch7]

1000Thanks to Sarah Kaddoura, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Beirut and the Adobe Podcast enhance filter!

Cover design: Svenja Limke

Title music: Louis Schwadron

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